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About NagyBrown: The Story

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It started as the best conversations do: over a good bottle of wine. Two couples with a shared passion bordering on obsession– at the table are two devoted winemakers, a wine-industry expert and a corporate executive. The talk turns in a direction only dreamers and visionaries take: What if we made and sold our own wines?

What resulted is a partnership dedicated to exquisite wine. NagyBrown is about making wine exactly the way we want to. No outside influences. No preconceived notions. Just exquisite wines, the way we envisioned them.

Having complete control of the process gives us the freedom to create magic in a bottle. We use a bespoke approach, combining time and intent to produce small-batch wines of quality and integrity. That means painstakingly molding and shaping each vintage at every step– from sourcing the fruit through organic, biodynamic vineyards to hand-dipping the wax seal on each of our bottles.

NagyBrown is purposeful in the wines we choose, and how we deliver them. We’ve crafted an ultra-premium 2014 Pinot Noir, but in 2017 we’ll also introduce a sparkling Pinot Gouges– a varietal produced nowhere else in Oregon. We bottle more than half of our wine in large-format vessels that are expressly made for sharing big, memorable moments. And we sell our exclusive offerings directly to connoisseurs who appreciate small-batch fine wines.

It was a life-changing conversation. And now our team is living their shared dream– and crafting wines that will be treasured by discerning wine lovers.

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Our People

The team behind NagyBrown– four people, two couples– is a group with a unique composition, a fortuitous set of qualifications, and a shared passion: fine wine.

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Kate and Griffin Brown

Kate Payne Brown

Kate Payne Brown’s winemaking career started when she volunteered at a small winery one summer. Winemaking’s intriguing mix of science and intuition quickly inspired her to earn a master’s degree in oenology from the University of Adelaide in Australia. She subsequently has been a winemaker at both Archery Summit and Stoller Family Estate in Oregon, and has worked alongside renowned winemaking consultant Kyriakos Kynigopoulos at Burgundie Oenologie in France. She revels in creating something that is imbued with so much of her time, energy and emotion – and brings such visceral pleasure to others.

Griffin Brown

Griffin Brown has worked his way up in the wine world, starting with his own international education. He worked a two-year internship at Petaluma winery in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia, making world-class chardonnay, cabernet and sparkling wine. Back stateside, he began as an intern at Oregon’s Domaine Serene, and soon enough secured the position of cellar master. He moved to Wine By Joe as cellar master, and then became their assistant winemaker. He has picked up a wealth of knowledge on the intricacies of fine wine, and is energized to put it to use for NagyBrown.

Chris and Brent Nagy

Chris Nagy

Chris Nagy’s flair for ingenuity and marketing has driven her entire professional career. While working as an international flight attendant for NetJets she went to sommelier school, where her connection to fine wine quickly became deep and compelling. She left the jet-set world to manage the direct-to-consumer program at Archery Summit winery, setting sales records and developing the prestige brand. While there, she combined two passions – running and wine – to create the Fueled by Fine Wine Half-Marathon. In charge of design, marketing and consumer sales for NagyBrown, she’s not afraid to break a few rules in search of a unique experience for wine lovers.

Brent Nagy

Brent Nagy brings his own perspective to this shared endeavor. After he and Chris met in Atlanta during her travels, their mutual love of fine wine developed to the point where he is now both an aficionado and a serious collector. He works as a supply-chain corporate executive, contributing a highly developed sense of logistics and business development to NagyBrown. The chance to put his skills to work on a true passion project is an opportunity he relishes.

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Together, our four principals not only bring a bounty of knowledge, experience and skills to NagyBrown– they also bring very strong opinions about wine. Each of them is intimately involved in the making of each of our wines, and no one is shy about offering input– all in the service of producing the best possible wine for you.

Wine pouring into a Pinot Noir glass [close-up of wine swirling up and nearly out again]
Argument Bottles [1.5L magnum and two 750ml bottles]

The Vintages


2015 Argument Pinot Noir

Our 2015 NagyBrown Argument Pinot Noir was sourced from the organically farmed Open Claim vineyard in the Willamette Valley. Hand picked, sorted and carefully fermented; this wine was meticulously crafted for longevity. It opens with effusive notes of ripe raspberry, bright cherry, vanilla, sandalwood, violets, black tea, licorice spice and a flinty minerality. The palate is full with plush tannins carried along the length of the palate by a persistent acidity to a supportive, textural finish. This wine can be enjoyed now but will benefit with age.

Open Claim
Coury and 667
Whole Cluster
New Oak
18 months in barrel
Cases Produced

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